Temecula's Freshest Restaurant: The Fresh Frits Story

The Fresh Frits founder was a young teen in Afghanistan when the war forced him and his family to leave the country. They traveled Africa and the Middle East before residing in Germany. There our founder fell in love with Belgian street food like many of the locals, astounded by the pride taken in their unique flavors. From there he moved to the USA where he climbed the ladder of the culinary arts, working with great chefs in gourmet cuisine. It was this passion for the amazing food that motivated him to start his own business to serve delicious meals in a casual setting and flavors of the world. Fresh Frits was born and became beloved by its customers, bringing us to now. We are looking to expand and share our fresh concept of cooking with the nation.

GROUNDBREAKING: There is no other place that offers the foods and flavors we at Fresh Frits do. Our two types of Frits are completely different than the average fast food French fry, inspired by Belgian frites with a unique Fresh Frits twist. We add rice and (or) greens as the base with limitless toppings to create our flavorful bowls. Our customers keep coming back for the taste that can’t be found anywhere else. In addition to all of that goodness, our local ingredients make for not only a delicious food experience, but a healthy one too!

FAST & FRESH: Our fries take approximately two minutes to make so we can cook each meal fresh for our customers. Bowls can be designed a hundred different ways and be home with amazing food within minutes. The Fresh Frits experience may be a fast one, but it doesn’t take away even an ounce of deliciousness!